Macroeconomics: Economics and Groceries

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Fundamentals of Macroeconomics Paper\
There are a number of economic activities that are directly related to the government, households, and businesses. With these economic activities you can also see the flow of resources from one entity to another. A few of the most common of these activities are the purchasing of groceries, a massive layoff of employees, and a decrease in taxes. These three activities, while maybe not directly related to everybody’s everyday life, affect everybody in small or major ways that are not necessarily obvious. It is important to understand how these activities affect different aspects of our lives to do our best to prevent them and decrease their negative effects. Purchasing Groceries

The purchasing of groceries can affect the government, households and businesses in several different ways. This purchase can affect businesses because stores that supply groceries must supply the demand of certain products. The demand of certain products raises the demand for the business and therefore allows it to grow. Purchasing groceries affects households because in order to sustain a normal household in today’s times, you must provide groceries for your family. The prices of the groceries and how many you purchase are determined by how well your family’s income is and also the demand for certain groceries. Purchasing groceries affects the government because it keeps the economy running smoothly with a normal amount of growth. The flow of the resources for groceries, like items such as fruits and vegetables, from one entity to another can be seen in the people who are consuming the groceries. It can also be seen in the way that purchasing groceries sustains the economy. One current event that relates to the purchase of groceries is the movement to get people to stop throwing away product on the date of expiration. “The dates solely indicate freshness, and are used by manufacturers to convey when the product is at its peak” (Sifferlin, 2013)....
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