Magic Bullet Theory

Topics: Mass media, Communication, Media studies Pages: 1 (398 words) Published: September 15, 2012
Background of the Study
The theory of mass communication effects has undergone a curious evolution in the century. Early on, the “Magic Bullet Theory” holds media broadcast directly shape the opinions and action of the viewers. Directly and heavily influence by media message since media were considered to be extremely powerful in shaping public opinion. We had chosen this theory because we feel and believed that it suits the segment of “Eat Bulaga, Juan For All, All for Juan”, since it represents the common perception and tradition of the viewing public. The program “Eat Bulaga” with its segment “Juan For All, All for Juan” represent as the “Channel” which convey the “Message” of the program and the viewing public as the “Receiver” of the message being convey by the program. In this theory, contestants communicate with the host of the program with regards to the flow of the segment. They interpret this as a hope for them; they see it as an easy way of earning money by just competing and singing in that program. While watching this segment of “Eat Bulaga”, we can see and analyze that the viewers are being entertained by the host as well as the contestants. It is very evident that viewing public of any program both Television and movie are very hard to please but this particular segment of Eat Bulaga catches the imagination and the willingness of the viewers to participate and engaged themselves to the flow of the program because they perceive it not just an entertainment for them but as well as a ticket to a better life. In surveying the literature on mass communication effects, it is not necessary and sufficient cause of audience effects but that is mediated by other variables. Thus, media are not only one contributing cause. The theory of selective exposure was another theory that emerged to explain moderate influence by the media. According to this theory, effects on an audience are mediated by selectivity, as well as group and interpersonal factors. This...
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