Main Conflict in the Terrible Transformation

Topics: Slavery, Atlantic slave trade, White people Pages: 2 (555 words) Published: July 15, 2013
Estepani Venegas
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Critique#3; The Terrible Transformation
The main conflict about the The Terrible Transformation was the way they started a new social and economic system by practicing slave trade. They would determine your freedom based on your skin color. European traders would go to west africa and bring slaves over to the united states so that slave owners could purchase them to work on their crop fields. This was very unfair because they sold colored people to benefit themselves economically. That is why the free blacks rebelled against society and returned the brutality their masters had shown them.

The European traders would kidnapp the African slaves and have them walk almost 1000 miles to the European Coastal forts. Only half of the people survived the ones who were too weak or sick were either killed or left to die. They traveled for almost 4 months across the Atlantic ocean. The Africans were treated like animals while they were being transported to the Americas. After they were enslaved and The Declaration Of Independence took the place the enslaved Africans made petitions to end slavery but nothing ever happened. When they were free they rebelled because they were denied citizenship. The Africans were clearly affected more than anyone involved in this. Sadly they were taken from their homeland, and used as objects to benefit the wealthy people economically; which of course was the rich white americans. Therefore after they complete the labor they were assigned and are set free the least thing the government officials could’ve done was grant them citizenship. Europeans would do this because having someone work for free , would help them gain more land. The more slaves they brought in and sold the more land they obtained . It was a very unfair thing to do .

Source: “The Terrible Transformation” Documentary

The reason the slaves acted they way they did was because...
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