Topics: Culture, Globalization, Cross-cultural communication Pages: 10 (3078 words) Published: June 5, 2013 International Journal of Business and Management Vol. 6, No. 2; February 2011 72 ISSN 1833-3850 E-ISSN 1833-8119
Infiltration of the Multicultural Awareness: Multinational
Enterprise Strategy Management
Chen, Ying-Chang
Department of Hotel and Restaurant Management
Ching Kuo Institute of Management and Health
336 Fu Hsin Rd., Keelung, Taiwan, R.O.C
Tel: 86-2-2437-2093 E-mail:
Wang, Wen Cheng
Department of Business Management, Hwa Hsia Institute of Technology 111 Gong Jhuan Rd., Chung Ho, Taipei, Taiwan, R.O.C
Tel: 86-2-8941-5156 E-mail:
Chu, Ying Chien
Department of Tourism and Leisure
National Penghu University
300 Liu-Ho Rd., Makung city, Penghu, Taiwan, R.O.C
Tel: 86-6-926-4115 E-mail:
This study was to investigate the relationships between multicultural and management strategy issues. Globalization is a development of interaction and mixing among the people, corporations, and governments of different nations, a process driven by international trade and investment. In the present globalization economy impact the cross-culture management issues are readily apparent in international joint ventures, and often feature in examinations of joint ventures involving China in particular. As a marginal subject between enterprise study and culture study, we know enterprise is a basic element to composing our social economic substantiality. It will cause a serial of culture problem during the management process. This type of difficulty belongs to our study subject of enterprise culture. Firstly, this article introduces the assumption of multi-culture management and advances the methodology of the research and analysis of cultural influence on leadership style in McDonald; then in this research and finding it makes an introduction and analysis of the McDonald’s corporation development; meanwhile it put forwards strategy of the cross-culture management of the McDonald. In the discussion of proposes different multi-culture management strategy according to the cultural clashes result from difference. Lastly, the paper also studies the tendency of the McDonald multi-culture management behavior in the Chinese market.

Keywords: Multicultural, Multinational enterprise, Management strategy, McDonald 1. Introduction
Glinow, Drost and Tegarden (2005) who conducted in globalization the area of training and development is moving toward soft management practices, such as team building, understanding business practices, and corporate culture, away from the usual individual training remains much more common in the Asia-Pacific countries. The movement toward economic globalization is making the global economy more closely integrated and much more interdependent. Many corporations are already multinational and multinational corporations, as business organizations, have become a new field of cross-cultural communication studies. Despite all the talk in the popular press about the globalization of world markets, the global village, the global product and the global factory, deep culture differences still exist and have a profound impact on the way business is conducted in different cultures, which mainly includes value systems, world views, and attitudes, exert a great impact on every aspect of a business organization (Fatehi, 1996). International Journal of Business and Management Vol. 6, No. 2; February 2011 Published by Canadian Center of Science and Education 73
This current wave of globalization has been driven by society and policies that have opened china economies domestically and internationally. The size and number of multinational corporations are increasing rapidly. Multinational corporations such as Mc Donald and coca-cola are more than just benefactors of this trend. By offering a standardized product worldwide, they are also helping to create a global market. This trend has reduced the cultural distance...

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