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Topics: Amusement park, Santa Rosa City, Coney Island Pages: 6 (1546 words) Published: February 24, 2011
“Enchanted Integration”
Learning Task No. 4

DEMONTEVERDE, Kristel Ann G. MARTINEZ, Joseph Matthew T. MATUNDAN, Jhedda Lyn PILE, Arvy Jane SUMAGUE, Rejane S.


Enchanted Kingdom is a theme park in the Philippines. It is located in Santa Rosa City, Laguna, operated by Enchanted Kingdom Inc. (formerly named Amtrust Leisure Corporation). Like any other amusement park, it got numerous attractions and rides that serve the best interest of people of any ages especially children. In the point of view of operations management, as a whole, Enchanted Kingdom is designed to cater ingeniously each guests fancy and offers a total enjoyment for everyone. With their catchy phrase, “Where the magic begins…” they should provide customers an overall satisfaction with all the products and services they offer and still come up with innovative ideas to keep people especially in the nearing cities to come and go with a fulfilled experience of magic, how far would they render to make people’s imagination as realistic as they can be?

I. Product and Service Design


From entrance to exit, the place is very exquisite. Customers find themselves astonished with sight of infrastructures built; we all know that the scenic atmosphere endows what Enchanted Kingdom is all about. It is designed in such a way that would cater all ages. They put up rides and fun-filled activities such as arcade, band appearances, games, souvenirs, mascot parade, street dancers, evening fireworks and a lot more.

As years passed by, they keep on adding new rides and attractions such as Xtreme Paintball, Kart racing, Triassic Laser Tag, 4D Discovery Theater, Exodus the Ride (All-terrain vehicle Adventure Trail), Lake Spa (foot, back massages), Space Shuttle Max, and SRRX (Haunted attraction). They also started seasonal attraction such as the Biki Waterworld during summer.

Their ticket promo is also something people are watching out. They have a variety of ticket rates depending on age and season. They also have discounts for students and residents of Sta. Rosa, and every sem breaks they offer “barkada” discounts or packages to their target college students.


Bringing of food and drinks inside the park is strictly prohibited. Customers are then induced to buy monopolized and expensive food and drinks inside, otherwise they still need to go out the park. Tickets are not so affordable. Their souvenir products are too expensive. There is no place or specific spot, where people could rest when they got tired, only benches sparse at the park.

II. Capacity


EK has really the capacity to conduct business like this. With 17 hectares of land area, they could really accommodate a large number of people and put all the park zones, shop and food outlets, kiddy rides, adventurous and extreme rides for adults and other attractions together. They have rides that give so much fun and excitement to customers. Their staff and crew are skilled, well trained and do excellent jobs. Their operations hours are enough to most customers to fully enjoy and explore the whole magical place.


Although they could cater to large number of people, there are really times especially during special occasions when the whole park is full of visitors or tourists. These create long lines in different rides creating disturbances to the enjoyment of their customers.

III. Service Process


Buying of entrance tickets is easy. They could choose between limited tickets or ride-all-you-can tickets. Also, EK provides necessary...
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