Managing Time as an Adult Learner

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"The purpose of this paper is to describe; explain and discuss the best place to enjoy your vacation in United States of America: Six Flags over Texas".
Have you ever got bore doing the same thing throughout the year? Have your body stressed beyond your understanding? and later worse to become a disease?. To overcome these situations various places have been developed for people to have fun and relieve their body from pressure from their daily activities. One of these places is: “Six Flags Fiesta Texas".

Six Flags Fiesta Texas is a theme park located on approximately 200 acres of land in San Antonio, Texas, USA. It is owned by Six Flags. Six Flags Fiesta Texas is the major entertainment component of USAA's La Cantera.La Cantera is a Spanish name meaning, "rock quarry”. The original concept Fiesta Texas was defined as "a destination market, musical show park" similar to that of Opryland. Six Flags faced a significant competition from other parks such as six flags in Arlington, Houston as well as SeaWorld of Texas, which was opened earlier. Despite the competition and some challenge affecting the establishment, Six Flags of San Antonio. It gain more momentum because it was one of the established regional leisure destinations for many tourists visit for vacation.

Actual construction of the theme park was started in 1990 through March 1992 when it was opened. After it opening, Fiesta Texas has added a new section ''Fiesta Bay Boardwalk'' with rides and also a new event "A Lone Star Christmas" during the winter months. In 1995 the park opened a (Skycoaster Screaming Sky coaster) in the Fiesta Bay Boardwalk.

Despite Six flags being enormous tourist attraction there were limitation that hindered the business from booming as expected. H.Tom (May 3, 2010), stated that, "Six Flags officially emerged from bankruptcy protection on May 3, 2010, and announced plans to issue new stock on the New York Stock Exchange.S.Deepa (May 12, 2010), stated that new CEO was...

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