Marketing Communication

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Marketing Communication Process

After having gone through this unit, you will be able to: Explain the concept and role of marketing communication; Describe the marketing communication process; Discuss some sources of misunderstanding in communication process; and Comment upon the role of the various promotional elements in a marketing communication programme.

1.1 1.2 1 .3 1.4 15 1.6 1.7 1.8 1.9 1.10 1.11 1:12 Introduction The Role of Marketing Communication Concept of Marketing Communication The Occurrence of Marketing Communication The Sources of Misunderstanding in Communication Elements of the Promotion Mix Conclusion Summary Key Words Project Question Self-assessment Questions Further Readings



In earlier units, it has been made abundantly clear that only through integrated efforts, can a marketer hope to succeed with respect to his marketing offering whether in the form of product or service. Marketing Communication is a subset of these integrated marketing efforts that merits our attention. However, marketing communication poses a special challenge to the marketing strategists for some unique reasons. Firstly, it is the most visible clue next to the product itself, of marketers' intentions and commitment to consumers. Secondly, it receives a relatively closer scrutiny from the policy-makers and other consumerinterest groups. Thirdly, there has been a significant change in viewing marketing communication. For a very long time, it had been seen as if promotions formed the only communication-bridge between a company and its buyers. This limited view of marketing communication is now being replaced with a more correct and wider proposition that marketing communication travels beyond promotion. In its linkage with buyers, it encompasses everything including product, packaging and distribution channels; and forms as a vital part of overall marketing efforts towards buyers and also the other sections of society. In the following sections, therefore, our endeavor will be to develop the emerging orientation of marketing communication.



Tale 1 provides a description of the role of marketing communication. For a deeper understanding it can be classified in dyads of marketer-buyer, marketer-market and non-profit and social organizations.

Marketing Communication and Advertising-Basic Concepts

Table 1: The Value of Marketing Communication Marketing Communication or Promotion Establishes an image, such as prestige, discount or innovative, for the company and its goods and services Communicates features of goods and services o Creates awareness for new goods and services a Keeps existing goods and services popular Can reposition the image or uses of faltering goods and services Generates enthusiasm from channel members Explains where goods and services can be purchased Convinces consumers to trade up from one good or service to a more expensive one Alerts consumers to sales Justifies prices of goods, and services Answers consumer questions Closes transactions Provides after sale services for consumers Places the company and its goods and services in a favourable light relative to competitors Source: J.R. Evans & B. Berman (1987) "Marketing" 3rd ed. Macmillan Publishing & Co. p. 409.

Communication in Marketer-Buyer Dyad Marketing Communication has a variety of roles to play. To begin with, it brings the marketer and consumers closer to each other in their desire to achieve their respective goals. Thus, a marketing-company has such goals as profitability, corporate credibility and market leadership. Similarly, consumers too have such goals as better consumption, staying informed on new buying alternatives, and a desire for a better quality of life. Examining these goals together, o e finds a degree of commonality-the need satisfaction through mutual efforts. Thus, a product...
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