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Question: What is meant by encoding and decoding? Discuss how these two processes differ for radio versus TV commercials? Answer
The communication process involves encoding, channel and decoding messages from sender to receiver. Encoding is the process of putting a message from our mind into a form that can be sent to another person. Channel is the method by which the communication travels from the source or sender to receiver. Decoding is the process of interpreting messages. As you read and make sense of the words in this paragraph, you are participating in the communication process. You are decoding a message that has been encoded into written form and transmitted through this assignment.

Source¨ Encoding¨ Message Channel¨ Decoding ¨Receiver Noise

Communication effectiveness depends on proper encoding and decoding. When a message is encoded in a way that it cannot be accurately decoded, message transfer will be corrupted. A message encoded in a certain language will not be properly decoded by a receiver who is unfamiliar with that language. Decoding errors occur when receivers incorrectly interpret transmitted messages. A message can only be properly communicated when the encoding, channel and decoding parts of the communication process are correctly performed. Also senderfs and receiverfs field of experience is also vital factor. Encoding and decoding processes differ for radio versus TV commercials in various manners. Radio is a one dimension process; message can be encoded only by word/sound. On the other hand television has both audio and visual impact, so messages can be encoded through pictures, symbols, words, sounds, signs etc. Therefore, encoding process for radio is only oral/verbal, whereas, for TV, it might be combination of nonverbal, oral and written. And, therefore, TV messages are more effective than radio as only limited info...
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