Marketing Plan

Topics: Amusement park, Roller coaster, Marketing Pages: 17 (5796 words) Published: June 14, 2013

A Marketing Plan Presented to the
Marketing Department
College of Business and Accountancy
University of St. La Salle

In partial fulfillment
Of the requirements for the
Degree of Bachelor in Science in Commerce
Major in Marketing Management

Javier, Glenn Vincent A.
Gatia, Henry Jr. V.
Torres, Mary Winsome Beau D.
Blancaflor, Uriel Rafael G.

Date Submitted:
May 20, 2013

World Wide Wonderland is a theme and amusement park business offering world-class experience to families, students and foreign tourists around Negros Occidental. Being a theme park, we offer a variety of products. And since it is called “World Wide Wonderland”, the company will take you to the different parts of the globe. The organization’s major products would include the World Adventure Coaster, the European Castle Hotel and The Barangay Filipino Museum that can satisfy the customers’ recreational needs as they step into a whole new world of fun, information and adventure and that will serve as a fresh new way to enjoy the day with your families, friends and co-workers. World Wide Wonderland is renowned for their convenient and strategic location in Talisay City, Negros Occidental of which is a growing city in terms of economy in the tourism industry. Also synonymous are the services that provide high prices to go along with premium quality and the wide range of other offerings including restaurants, pools, zoos, information buildings, camping sites and many more that are available in the park’s enjoyable, stress-relieving and safeguarded settings. And through the company’s best efforts in promoting the products in print, radio, television, public relations and personal selling, this will increase the customers in large scales. Having those products, the company aims to provide a globally-renowned entertainment and bring delight to its valued customers especially families, students, and foreign tourists here in the Philippines. Other than that, the organization also wants satisfaction from its employees and, at the same time; focus on its environmental responsibilities. World Wide Wonderland has a World Adventure coaster targeting the youth (specifically students) to enjoy a tour like the customers are travelling to different countries around the globe. For its European Castle Hotel, the company targets families and unwinding professionals that wish to have an overnight stay in the said place. And lastly, the Barangay Filipino Museum that would mainly target foreign tourists so that these people can be informed about all of the facts of Negros and the rest of the Philippines. Differentiating the type of business service offered, from that of the competition, will assist not only in building the theme park as a whole, but will attract more customers, who require a higher level of quality service and recognition than they can receive from other tourist spots. This will provide World Wide Wonderland with an opportunity to step up as regards servicing families, students and tourists with a world-class experience. Satisfied guests are critical to the success of themed visitor attractions. The backbone to having satisfied guests is good management and this is what the company in doing. Unlike most companies, we introduce our customers with utmost care and support services. CURRENT MARKETING SITUATION (TRENDS)

The theme and amusement park industry has been around for more than 50 years and, like any other industry, it has evolved through the years to help guests escape from real life, if not for a few hours, at least for a few moments on its attractions. The theme park market has reached maturity and as time passed by. There have been many trends over the years and as the decades went by, theme park operators began to realize that it was not just thrills that would keep bringing back their customers. Applying themes to their attractions would help as well. Sure, a person...
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