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Marriage is Superior to Single
Marriage is an interesting subject that has been concerning and discussing since the beginning of the human society. Some people regard marriage as the most important thing in a person’s life while someone believes it is terrible and a restriction of freedom. Bacon’s essay, Of Marriage and Single Life, considers wives and children and balances their advantages against their disadvantages in such a way that is difficult to decide whether marriage is a good or a bad idea. Bad marriages, however, Bacon suggests can be analyzed more easily by their effects upon the women in them.① Bacon analyzed and compared marriage with single life in many different aspects such as public service and personal qualities and characters. Also Bacon enumerated different influences that marriage or single has on people. According to Bacon, people who has wife and children, has given hostages to fortune for they are impediments to career and marriage means the end of free style of life. Therefore, the best men for public service are those unmarried or childless who have married and endowed the public both in affection and means. Although, Unmarried men can be best friends, best masters or best servants but not always best subjects because they can run away from duties and responsibilities at any moment and don’t care enough for the consequence and other people’s feelings. In a word, paying great attention to marriage and family makes people responsible, enthusiastic and warm-hearted. I prefer marriage to single life. I consider marriage to be part of our lives that without marriage our lives are not complete. Being married is generally regarded as being a positive thing. That is not to say that being single is in any way wrong but it does suggest that being married has certain benefits and advantages over being single. Firstly, Marriage provides you with companionship. In a marriage there is always...

References: ①.英国文学教程学习指南/ 张伯香主编. 武汉 :武汉大学出版社
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