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The Differences between Chinese Weddings and Western Weddings
Marriage is the most important life event not only for a girl but also for a boy. During the wedding day, every girl dress up the most beautiful costume and the groom is the most unique person in bride’s eyes. However, in different countries, there are different types of wedding cultures and ceremonies. There have a lot of distinctions between the Chinese and Western Weddings.

First, Western and Chinese Weddings have different wedding styles. In western countries, they celebrate their weddings romantically. The groom proposes to their bride with the ring before wedding then they will have their wedding ceremony in the church in front of the priest. After they make their lifetime commitment, they will exchange their marriage rings with each other. In the end, the wedding ceremony reaches the climax when the bride throws her flower ball to other girls who haven’t get marriage yet. In contrast, in a traditional Chinese wedding, when the groom arrives at the bride's home, the bride will cover by a red head-kerchief and she must cry with her mother to show her reluctance to leave home. The bride's family members or friends will set some tricks to the groom. For example, they won't open the door until the groom gives some gifts or red envelope - Angpao. Additionally, they may hide the bride’s shoes and ask the groom to find them out. These traditional manners are very interesting and also have their own special meanings.

Secondly, the wedding customs are also very different between Western and Chinese weddings. In the western countries, the engaged men and women have to prepare a lot for the wedding. On the night before the wedding, all the members who will attend the ceremony have to rehears after the rehearsal dinner. It is a tradition that the groom cannot see his bride before the rehearsal dinner. Certainly, they have to prepare lots of invitation cards to invite friends, colleagues and...
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