Topics: Marriage, Monogamy, Same-sex marriage Pages: 2 (509 words) Published: August 29, 2013
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People tend to think of marriage as a tradition that unites two people towards a common goal of happiness. They make a promise to love each other and create a family. The married couples always have a special bond that unites them and share common goals. Every culture has its own definition of marriage, and they all have their own way of celebrating it with their traditions and customs. But universally marriage is a union, an agreement between two people, and a set of rights and obligations. I believe marriage is a decision between two people who have set their minds towards a common goal to live together and form a family. Whether the couples do a civil marriage or a religious ceremony, both groom and bride have acknowledged their wish to spend the rest of their life’s together and commit themselves to each other and get sort of sense of belonging. Some cultures allowed more than two people entering into a marriage, whether is more than two wives or husbands, we call those polygamous marriage. Some of the reasons people decide to get married can be emotional, social, legal, religion and spiritual obligations but whatever reason it is people get married, it all comes down to uniting two or more people till death do them apart. My in-laws have been married for over 40 years now and counting. They have gone through their sweet and sour moments in their marriage. They gave life and raised six exemplary children that are contributing to society. They would be considered in society as a traditional marriage between two opposite sex. In comparison to a non-traditional marriage that is between same-sex. One of the main arguments about these two types of marriage is family and the wellbeing of children. Stating that the court had restricted the desires of adults over the best environment for children, arguing that opposite sex marriage is the environment where children can thrive and succeed. But this argument ignores the children of...
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