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The most important quality of a married couple is love. In a marriage important issues such as attitudes, responsibilities, religion, finances, career, and whether or not to have children should be discussed so that the couple can learn each other’s views regarding the issues to determine compatibility. Building a happy marriage is the result of conscious effort on the part of a husband, and wife. A lifelong union that people bound together by a bond of love, which is spiritual as well as physical, can be considered marriage. Marriage is socially recognized, and approved union between individuals who give to one another with the expectation of a secure, and lasting personal relationship. ‘Most couples getting married today expect to remain married for the rest of their lives.’ (Bellah, 163) Consequently, over half of all the marriages in the United States end in divorce because most people lack of understanding of what it takes to stay married. I believe that couples should become more aware of the commitment when they enter into marriage. Unfortunately, some couples do not want to face the reality and opt out for divorce “The lazy way of marital problems.” A selfish decision that puts personal happiness ahead of couple integrity. (Kingsolver, 123) Men and women should get to know one another completely before deciding to get married. In his essay “Love and Marriage” Robert Bellah stated “There may be reasons, both practical and romantic, for marrying the person one does, but they are almost afterthoughts. What matters is the growing sense that the relationship is natural, right. One does not so much choose as simply accept what already is.” (Bellah, 164) Love, communication, and acceptance of responsibilities are some important factors for the development of a good marriage.

Love is all about giving pleasure to another person without any thought for what we may get back for ourselves. That being said, love is the basis for lasting relationships....
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