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The culture of Malaysia draws on the varied cultures of the different people of Malaysia. The first people to live in the area were indigenous tribes that still remain they were followed by the Malays, who moved there from mainland Asia in ancient times. Chinese and Indian cultural influences made their mark when trade began with those countries, and increased with immigration to Malaysia. Other cultures that heavily influenced that of Malaysia include Persian, Arabic, and British. The many different ethnicities that currently exist in Malaysia have their own unique and distinctive cultural identities, with some crossover. Cultures have been meeting and mixing in Malaysia since the very beginning of its history. More than fifteen hundred years ago a Malay kingdom in Bujang Valley welcomed traders from China and India. With the arrival of gold and silks, Buddhism and Hinduism also came to Malaysia. A thousand years later, Arab traders arrived in Malacca and brought with them the principles and practices of Islam. By the time the Portuguese arrived in Malaysia, the empire that they encountered was more cosmopolitan than their own. Malaysia is a bubbling, bustling melting pot of races and religious where Malays, Chinese, Indians and many other people live together in peace and harmony. The largest ethnic group in Malaysia are the Malays, Chinese and Indians. In Sabah and Sarawak, there are myriad of indegenuos ethic groups with their own unique culture and heritage.

While the Chinese wedding ceremony is pretty much traditional and elaborated in mainland China, the Chinese wedding ceremony in Malaysia has been modernized according to time. Compared to the old days back then, the modern Chinese wedding in Malaysia has been toned down to make it more ‘bearable’ in these fast age. In Chinese culture, wedding is considered a joining of two families, thus once the bride and groom decide to get married, both families get involved. 1. Marriage Between Brothers and Sisters

Marriage between siblings, although prohibited in Chinese culture, was reported in very early Chinese mythology. There is a story about a marriage between Nüwa (female) and Fu Xi (men) who are siblings. At that time, the world is still unpopulated. The siblings wanted to get married but they feel ashamed. Therefore, they are to mount Kunlun Shan and prayed to Heaven to give permission for them to marry. They said, "If you allow us to get married, please mist surround us. In order to hide her shyness, said Nüwa red cover her face with a fan. On this day in some villages in China, brides still follow the custom of hiding their face with a fan. 2. Marriage Between Clans and Marriage Antithesis

In Chinese society , men are not allowed to marry a woman who has the same family name ( this may not be granted in the recent times when the Chinese population grew until they have the same surname may not have any relationship to each other ) . Marriage is seen as incest and is considered to be a risk of birth defects. However , the marriage of a son with relatives of his mother is not seen as incest . Different clans may have more than one surname . Historically, there are many important clans living along the Yellow River in ancient China, such as Huang Di's tribe have the Ji family name , family name common people , and Yan Di's clan surnamed Jiang . Because marriage with relatives of his mother is not thought of as incest , families are sometimes married to one generation to another.Over time , Chinese people move increasing. Couples were married in what is called an extra-clan marriage , better known as antithetic marriage . This happened in the middle of the New Stone Age , which is around 5000 BC . According to modern Chinese scholars of a Marxist persuasion , perennial systems (ie matriarchal system ) is practiced in the community at the time, and husbands needed to live with his wife's family . However ,...
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