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Marriage is not what it used to be. Marriage has become a joke compared to what it was a hundred years ago. Marriage should be a rite of passage for a couple in love. Rather it is a word thrown around out of boredom. No longer is it a sacred commandment that it once was.

Marriage is just a word to many young people. They do not consider their true love for one another and they just assume that marriage is the next step. You can see what marriage has come to when you look to celebrities whose marriages ended as quickly as a day. Stars such as Kim Kardashian, Britney Spears, Dennis Rodman, and Brad Pitt present that “holy matrimony” doesn’t mean anything.

Why even get married when half of marriages end in divorce? Marriage is just a waste of time and money nowadays. Divorce is as common as marriage and that is definitely a problem. Marriage isn’t even needed to show your love for a person so why waste your time.

This isn’t the first era that marriage has been defiled this way. King Henry VIII devalued the act of marriage when he divorced his wife Catherine. This led him to divorce five other women while destroying the holiness of marriage. On the other hand, marriage was able to eventually bounce back and become a rite of passage with the participants giving it their all to make it last. Many older couples couldn’t have imagined getting divorce. It was even frowned upon extensively. Nowadays people see divorce as simple as they do marriage. Society may never view marriage as sacred again, but marriage isn’t about what others think. It’s about the relationship between spouses and as long as that is cherished marriage will become sacred once more. Furthermore, the forming of a union isn’t necessary to prove a couple’s true love for one another, and it’s only a sacred commitment between the two that truly believe in their love and commitment.
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