Marriage and Act Iv Discussion

Topics: Marriage, Family, Juliet Capulet Pages: 2 (530 words) Published: April 7, 2014
Act IV Discussion Questions
2. Basically, the plan was to make Juliet take a potion to fake death, so her family would think she was dead. Then Romeo would get the news that it was just a potion, and he would come back to the town. Next, Juliet would wake back up and since her family would be so happy that she was alive, it would be easier for the parents to accept Juliet being married. Then, they wouldn’t be as mad at her for marrying into a rival family. The friar and Juliet are willing to take such desperate actions because the friar knows how much Juliet loves Romeo, and vice versa. He is willing to put his safety on the line for these two young lovers. Juliet can’t stand a minute without Romeo. Romeo misses Juliet every second he isn’t holding her or kissing her or with her. They know that it will be so hard to separate them, and friar wants to help, because Romeo means so much to him. 5. This plan is very risky because there are so many variables that go wrong. The potion could not set in soon enough, and her parents could still have the wedding happen before Juliet is “dead.” Word could also not get to Romeo in time, and he could end up thinking Juliet is actually dead, and take his own life. Someone could get involved that wasn’t supposed to be involved, and change the whole plot of the story. Juliet could also wake up too soon, and her parents see that she is still alive, and the wedding still happen. Also what could go wrong is Juliet could lose the potion, and have to find another way out of the marriage. If she tells her father and mother about the marriage, then they could get very enraged, and disown Juliet from the family. The friar could have accidentally given Juliet the wrong potion, and the wrong thing would happen to her. When her father move up the wedding date to Wednesday instead of Thursday, Juliet could take the potion too late, or her father could see her take the potion and think she was taking her life. 6. This speech is a...
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