Marriage and Alfredo Salazar

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Dead Stars

* Alfredo Salazar – son of Don Julian, a more than 30 year old man and a bachelor. He is engaged to Esperanza but him still fleeting to Julia Salas. * Esperanza – She is the wife of Alfredo Salazar. She is a homely woman, literal minded and intensely acquisive. She is one of those fortunate women who has the gift of uniformly beauty. * Julia Salas – The sister-in-law of Judge De Valle. She is the other girl of Alfredo Salazar and she remains single in her entire life. * Don Julian – an old man, he is the father of Alfredo Salazar and Carmen * Carmen – she is the sister of Alfredo Salazar and the daughter of Don Julian. * Judge De Valle – he is the brother-in-law of Julia Salas. * Donna Adella – sister of Julia Salas. She is small and plump, a pretty woman with a complexion of a baby with an expression of a likeable cow. * Calixta – note carrier of Alfredo Salazar and Espreranza * Dionisio – husband of Donna Adella

* Vicente – husband of Carmen
* Brigida Samuy – she is the illusive woman whose Alfredo is looking for.

* House of Don Julian
* House of Judge Del Valle
* House of Don Julian in Tanda, where there are coconut plantation and a beach. * Church of Our Lady of Sorrow
* Calle Real
* Sta. Cruz, particularly in Calle Luz, hometown of Julia Salas.

The story revolves around Alfredo Salazar, a bachelor over thirty, and with two women named Esperanza, his fiancee for four years and a young woman from out of town named Julia Salas. Everyone takes it for granted that Alfredo will eventually marry Esperanza. Although he is ashamed to admit it, the intensity of his passion for Esperanza has faded and he is attracted to Julia, whom he met at a dinner party. But he is aware that all his loved ones including Julia would disapprove of his failure to honor his understanding with Esperanza. So Alfredo and Esperanza got married and had a family of his own. Then...
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