Marriage and Ancient Chinese Culture

Topics: Marriage, Wife, Husband Pages: 1 (398 words) Published: September 30, 2012
Dandan Chu
301127187 Lessons for Women
In this article, a mother was writing to her daughters about some proper customs for married women. The mother described herself as “unworthy, unsophisticated, and by nature unintelligent”, which implies that mature women at that time didn’t have much education nor proper self-esteem. And the mother felt afraid to disgrace her parents and even people from her husband’s family, which implies that she had heavy burden and tried to be acquiescent to social norms. She didn’t have her own desire and rights. The author also mentioned different situations of her son and daughters, and I can feel women and men were not equal, the society expected more discipline from women. Women didn’t have the same privilege and rights as that of men. Women had big burden because if they didn’t have good manners, they will humiliate their ancestors and their clan. It is also their responsibility to be modesty and acquiescence in order to keep harmony with younger brother and sisters in law. I think ancient Chinese culture didn’t show enough respect to women, instead, men regarded women as servers. Women had to follow high social standards in order to be accepted by the society. There are lots of unfair traditional regulations and ceremonial rites at that time. The seven chapters tried to educate women that they were in lower classes. The three customs applied to every new-born girl means the ancient Chinese culture tried to educate women humility at a very early age. I feel these customs educated women they were weak and theirs’ duties were to serve others. Women were required to perform heavy domestic duties without showing their real expressions. And ancestors were playing an important role. In terms of marriage, the relationship between husbands and wives was not fair. The...
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