Marriage and Better Hurry Home

Topics: Romeo and Juliet, Marriage, Jane Fonda Pages: 1 (346 words) Published: July 22, 2013
I’ve been stood up on my wedding day!  Have you thought of anything more tragic than that? Here comes the bride, all dressed in white!” – - but where is the groom?  My Jonathan? Father’s eyes were apprehensive – - “Madeline – - this is preposterous! – - - Didn’t I warn you?  Is this what you call maturity and independence at eighteen?  I guess we better hurry home!” But this is not how playwrights picture love.  Romeo died for Juliet, Pyramus for Thisbe, Han Suyen called it a many splendored thing!” – - – And Princess Margaret gave up the crown for love! Jonathan – - – wait till I get you.  I am determined to pursue an unceasing justification of my plight!  I remember how I fought Father and Mother when first they  refused our young engagement.  But how we talked to them about independence and youth’s self-reliance – - – of the new breed, ready, willing and able not only to vote at eighteen but also get married at eighteen. I imagine what my gang mates would say – - – “Poor Madeline, she was almost a bride – - -!”  “Jonathan must have found out that she’s a square!”  And all Mother can say is – -  “This is most embarrassing!” Indeed, it is.  I should have joined the crusaders for blessed singleness.  I should have noted what my father confessor, Fr. Martin, said when I talked about Jonathan and marriage.  “Madeline, you’re not ready for it.  I guess you have to listen to your parents this time!”  But I didn’t!”  I was like a spoiled and stubborn child immensely carried away by the now-generations’ indefatigable cry for self-assertion!  I was like Jane Fonda speaking for the women’s lib movement. That phone keeps on ringing.  Alright, Mother, alright, I’m answering it.  Hello – - – Hello – - – Hello!! Don’t you darling me Mr. Jonathan Anderson – - – may I be privileged to know where were you at  nine o’clock sharp this morning?  What?  Do you know what you did?  Well – - – if you don’t – - – then, you’ll never knew!!! I’ve been stood up on my wedding day because...
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