Marriage and Compromise

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Marriage Is Compromising

Marriage is one of the major in our life. We expected to learn a number of

things including compromise, respect and understanding. Jenny Franchot claims that

“Compromise in a marriage is essential to maintain a happy relationship. Without

compromise, one spouse will generally feel subjugated and may grow increasingly

bitter of his or her partner.” Compromise from both spouse is extremely important

for a marriage. For example, my wife and I both love to go to the movies. It is

something that we enjoy together. However, we have different favorites. She loves

Chinese movies, and I love American movies. We often find ourselves deciding which

to get, and we compromise by taking turns. That is healthy for a marriage and it

represents a give and take in the relationship. In this case, there are two stories

“The Story of an Hour” by Kate Chopin and “Like a Bad Dream” by Henrich Boll both

deal with marriage. Although both stories are dealing with marriage and

compromise, ’’The story of an hour’’ has more effective example that illustrate the

claim about marriage by franchot.
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“The Story of an Hour” by Kate Chopin illustrate that marriage, without

compromise, will make one spouse feel subjugated to his or her partner. This story

began with Mrs. Mallard, Mrs. Mallard discovered that her husband was died, than

the author described that ‘’She wept at once, with sudden, wild abandonment, in her

sister's arms. When the storm of grief had spent itself she went away to her room

alone.’’(P3) We can see that Mrs. Mallard was an untraditional female because she

didn’t cry hysterically, otherwise, she went back to her room independently, she was

calm and strong. At the middle of the article, she thinks, “There would be no one to

live for her during those coming years: she would live for herself” (P14). This passage

indicates that Ms. Mallard was feeling liberated from her psychological subjugation,

and compromise to her husband. Before she died, she kept whispering, “Free! Body

and soul free!” (P16). Mrs. Mallard felt free and overjoyed by the thought that she

would be able to live for herself, with no one forcing her to do anything. Her body

and soul would be finally totally free, free from her husband, free from the trap of

her marriage. However, when she saw that her husband was still alive, she was so

shock that her heart could not handle it. It was like announcing a death sentence to

her that her new-found life would no longer exist and she would have to go back to

live her subjugating life with her husband.

Ng chi kit3 Although the story of an hour’’ has more effective example than the story
“Like a Bad Dream”, the story“Like a Bad Dream” still has some weak examples

That illustrate that marriage, without compromise, will make one spouse feel

enslaved to his or her partner. This story is about Bertha was trying to curry favor

with Mrs. Zumpens, to make Mr. Zumpen more inclined to award the bid to her

husband. Bertha wanted her husband to get that 20,000 marks, but finally, Bertha

was completely failed. At the middle of the article, bertha said’’I don’t care if it’s

midnight, all I know is, there’s 20,000’’(P128), We can see that her husband didn’t

want to Disturb Mr. Zumpen because it’s nearly midnight, but her wife was

controlling him without compromise. Bertha told her husband’’ I am trying to help

you, I want you to find out for yourself how to deal with such things’’, After that her

husband just said’’ All right’’, This conversation indicates that Bertha wanted

something more, she didn’t satisfy with her lift that she has right now....
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