Marriage and Dowry Prohibition Act

Topics: Marriage, Dowry law in India, Dowry Pages: 6 (2188 words) Published: November 1, 2013
The system of giving dowry to girls in marriage is an ancient Indian custom. It is infact that portion of the parent’s wealth which they wish to give to the daughter. This helps the girls in question and the groom to start a home of their own. However, it is very sad that this custom has been vitiated in our times, and the system has become a menace, a social evil in our society. Wedding are no longer happy events, but keep the brides, parents on tenterhooks lest the groom’s family demand unreasonable gifts on the eve of the weeding. Infact, quite often, the greedy groom or his parents do demand gift in cash or kind such as a motor car, video, etc. which the girls parents may not be able to fulfill. Then they are caught between the devil and the deep sea. Breaking off the wedding at the last minute brings infamy to the girl. Very often false, malicious stories are spread about her so that re-engagement and marriage becomes difficult. Often girls are driven to suicidal lengths because of the tension created by such a situation. Another technique adopted by the boy’s family is not to make unreasonable demands before the wedding, but harass the girl after the wedding to induce her to request her parents to give the gifts they ask for. The girl is taunted at every step and her life is made a virtual hell until she can fulfill the unreasonable demands of her husband and in laws. Another ploy used by such uncouth people is to pack the bride off to her parents house and told to come back only if she can induce her parents to give more dowry. In such situation, the girl has no option but to accede to these demands and urge her parents to fulfill them. Sometimes, when girl know that their parents cannot fulfill these demands, they are driven to commit suicide. Even worse is the situation where the in-laws join hands to burn the bride to death, so that the son can be remarried to someone who will get them more dowry. This is the lowest level of greediness, degradation and inhumanity to which a human being can sink, and it is indeed a very sad comment on the Indian Character, that there are innumerable examples of this happening. Brides are shamelessly and fearlessly burnt to death to satisfy the greed of such people. This sorry state of affair should be amended as soon as possible, and the solutions are not very easy. The law has come to our end, and giving and taking dowry is a criminal offence, and yet people fearlessly continue giving and accepting dowry with impurity. Thus it is clear that the law alone cannot solve the problem. Lesson - 3

The important thing to be done here is to mobilize public opinion against it. Young men should refuse to take dowry. They should realize that marriage is a union of two souls. Marriage gives them their own family and incentive to fulfil their ambitions in their career. Therefore, they should shun accepting dowry. Rather, they should have enough self-respect to refuse the money or gifts which are offered by the bride’s parents to ‘buy’ them. Similarly, girls too should refuse to marry a young boy who is greedy enough to demand anything from her parents. Infact, the slightest indication before marriage of the boy’s greediness should warn her, and instead of being carried away by the sense of romance she should be worry of marrying such a boy. Another important solution is for every girl to be professionally educated so that she has the ability to earn before she is married. If she is working before marriage it would be even bother, for being financially independent would make her self-confident. It would be easy for her to refuse greedy young men. It would in other words, give her the supreme confidence to rend for herself. It would hurting a working girl who can answer them back in their coin. Finally, the real solution can only come if public opinion is strongly mobilized against the giving and taking of dowry. Till each individual regards it as an evil it would be difficult to...
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