Marriage and Dr. Gavin

Topics: Marriage, Wedding, Mother Pages: 5 (1979 words) Published: January 22, 2014

Fireproof reflection paper and summary

First there’s a little girl name Cathrine talking with her mother that she wants to marry a firefighter just like her Dad and live happily ever after. Cathine old mother suffering from a voice disease that make Cathrine sad and misses her mom to talk to her and hear her voice. When she grew up she married a Firefighter Caleb Holt but their marriage is totally pressured, they always fight for their responsibilities as a married couple is not working for them Cathrine always say that Caleb spent his job or salary for the boat that is not really needed, watch TV and he spent his day for internet. Caleb is in the gym and talks with Michael about their marriage Michael suggested that take counseling but Caleb denies saying “ I don’t want to talk my personal life to a person I don’t know. Michael said to Caleb “Women are like rose If you treat her right she blooms, But if you didn't she wilts” that he learned from counseling. Cathine and Caleb fight about their jobs, about the house, and work. It’s like they don’t communicate with each other for Caleb he feel disrespected towards he’s wife. From the heated argument Caleb screams at Cathrine saying “your disrespectful ungrateful selfish woman you always nag me and drain out of life out of me, I’m tired of it If you don’t gave me the respect that I deserve then what’s the point of this marriage”. Causing Cathrine To stay out of their marriage and took off her her wedding ring. The two slept separated rooms . Cathirne talk with her friends about their marriage and Caleb talk with his friend talking the same issue. The next day there’s an emergency of a car accident that the car got stuck in the train sides. Making all the people help out and pushing the car to the other side of the train road so it won’t get hit. Michael thanking the lord that he is still alive because he is near of the train causing his helmet fell off to his head. Caleb talk to his parents but Caleb insist that he wants his dad talk to him because he thinks his mom taking Cathrine’s sides instead of him asking his dad “ Dad why’d you have to bring her” and his dad answer’s “ Caleb cause she’s my wife and your mother no one’s loves you more than her. “ but she’s sill fixing me I’m not broken “ Caleb said. “ Son if you looking for a perfect mother I'm afraid there’s no one out there she’s a good woman and I love her now than I could ever have “Caleb’s Dad replied. Caleb’s dad said that the lord who is the one who helps them to their relationship. Caleb’s that want to hold off the divorce paper for 40 days and bring Caleb and Cathrine where Caleb’s parent saves their marriage that Caleb’s agree to do. In the other side Cathrine and Dr. Gavin Keller had some flirty or small romantic friendly connection they start a conversation at lunch. Meanwhile Caleb is at work had a conversation with Michael. “We’re two different people” Caleb told Michael “Caleb Salt and Pepper are completely different. Their makeup is different, their taste and color. But you always see them together” Michael replied. Then Michael glued together the salt and pepper , Caleb try to separate the salt and pepper and Michael told to Caleb “ If you put them apart you either broke both of them”. But Caleb still denies and stands to his pride. When Caleb comes to his house he reads a book that currently belongs to his father about the 40 days Love dare that each day had quest and advice to do to save their marriage. Caleb did all wriiten in the book. Cathrine thinking her husband acting strange making her confuse because he doing things that he never did before. Cathrine talk it about her husband with her friend but later her friend told her “ Don’t let him deceive you girl “. Making Cathrine think about the situation and talk with Caleb that turn out in an argument. Caleb did everything do chore, court her again, did dinner for her, brought her flowers. Caleb talk to his dad again and let God...
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