Marriage and Entirely Different Cultures

Topics: Marriage, Miscegenation, Interracial marriage Pages: 1 (329 words) Published: December 13, 2014
Mixed-marriages are still a growing concern in society and have both advantages and drawbacks. From my point of view, when two people fall in love, neither differences in race nor religion can prevent them from tying the knot. Mixed-marriages provide a great opportunity to know another culture and learn how similar most races and cultures really are. For example, you can learn about holidays that are different than those that you are used to, or learn new ways of celebrating them. You can even learn how to make things, from cooking to sewing. Moreover, children born out interracial marriages tend to be healthier due to an increase in genetic diversity. However, many people do not agree they ignore these facts and the couple is frequently reminded that they are two separate people from different cultures that should not belong together. Your partner and you may face problems of racism. They also consider that once married and they have children, normally, there is a tussle as to which religion the children should follow. Husband wants that children should believe in his religion and wife hers. I disagree with these statements because when children grow up they can select the religion they like. Other benefits of mixed marriages would be that the child would learn more tolerance and respect towards all races. Such children may be open to new ideas, and less hostile regarding one’s religious creed or nationality. What is more, your children will have the opportunity to learn about two entirely different cultures. He or she will have two heritages to discover and find connection with. Your children may even have the chance to learn two languages. Everything in life has pros and cons and mixed-marriages are no different. Life is short and it can be difficult to find happiness, so if you have found happiness in a different race or religion you should listen to your heart. When you truly love someone, nothing else should matter. 
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