Marriage and Life

Topics: Marriage, Family, Wedding Pages: 3 (882 words) Published: January 21, 2014
LIFE INTERVIEW (questions to ask senior family members on tape or video)

Because we love you so much, and because you’ve made such a huge impact on our lives, we want to record and preserve your life’s story...the people, places, and events that were significant in your life. Today, ____ (date), we are going to hear your story! We’ll ask you some questions to get things started, but it’s your story, so, feel free to digress...

Your childhood, family, and neighborhood...
Where were you born? Which hospital? What day, date, and time of day? Tell us about your parents... where and when were they born? What were they like? How many brother(s) and sister(s) did you have? Tell us about them... Do you remember anything about you grandparents or other relatives (aunts/uncles, cousins…)? Do you have any other childhood memories about your family? Do you have any memories about your house?

Tell us about the neighborhood where you grew up. What are some of the street addresses where you lived? Did you move often or at all? What kind of a child were you? How would the neighbors from the place where you grew up remember or describe you? Tell us about some of your childhood friends… Do you remember a best friend with whom you spent a lot of time OR who had a great influence on you? Can you recall any particularly exciting childhood adventures or near mishaps? (Tell us a story from your childhood or youth...) In which activities or sports did you participate? Were you involved in scouting? Did you sing in choir or play a musical instrument? Did you have other hobbies? Did you attend church and/or participate in youth group?

Tell us about some of the jobs you held as a child or youth (paper route, boxboy, etc.)

School/military service/work-career...
Where did you go to school? (Tell us about the schools you attended and some of the teachers, friends, and experiences that you had...) What subjects did you like? Did you...
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