Marriage and Parents

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It takes a lot of responsibility to be a good parent
How to be good parents? During that time, the parents have to raise their children in a good manner. So they have taken the most difficult job the world, and to become good parents for their children. The parents have a lot of work and responsibility to do with their children to be good parents. There are several qualities to be good parents, and the main three qualities are, be a good listener, express love, and helping children to feel safe.

First of all, a good parent should be a good listener, when the parents listen to their children out, and listen to what they have to say such as problems, ideas, or other activity his or her wants to share with them parents. Also, when the parents are listening to his or her children that make them feel they are wanted or loved from their parents. However, while the parents listen to their children constant, that builds good relationship as family. In short, a good quality parents who listen to their children, and advise them no matter what they have to ask.

The second quality of good parents is express love. Good parents should tell their children that they love them many often time. For example, giving a lot of hugs, and saying nice words and show them attention. Because the children always looking to hear and see these kind of attention. Also, these supports from the parents will let the children to say everything to their parents without any fear. In addition, many parents need to set good examples for their children. Therefore, the children will grow up just like their parents. In sum, the love is a key factor in children life which can create a good family.

Finally, another quality of good parents is helping their children to feel safe. A good parent should give their children to respect other people. For example, when the children entered their friend’s room then they should not look though their drawers. Also, a good parent quality is when they do not...
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