Marriage and Practice Polygamy

Topics: Marriage, Polygamy, Polygyny Pages: 2 (478 words) Published: October 11, 2013
Kelly Harmon
Mrs. Perez
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Should Polygamy be Legalized
Why does polygamy get such a bad reputation in America? Then from different viewpoints a published journal, magazine articles, and newspaper. To understand why a man having more than one wife is illegal. The practice of polygamy in modern day Nigeria is increasing. In Arab countries, Indonesian and Malaysia have practice polygamy for generation. In Australia and Great Britain polygamy is prohibited, but recognize polygamous marriages, that have been recognized overseas. The courtship of polygamy has been banned in America since 1820. The Morrill Act, prohibits the practice of polygamy, and having more than one wife is a punishable offense. There are cultural reasons, biological reasons, and practical reasons for example one’s own pleasures to be a Polygyny or a Polyandry.

To a polygyny in America the women are referred to as Sister Wives. From the Examiner online news article titled “Polygamy Can be a Viable Alternative Lifestyle” by Christian Schimmel. The story in a rural town outside Toronto. A women name Lara is in a common-law marriage with Tony. Tony is also with Lauren, Lara explains that having Lauren part of their relationship make duties on the farm easier, and her contributions brings stability to their relationship. But in some instances polygamy increases the hardship of the first wife, and husband Stated by David J. Rusin. “Muslim women in polygamous marriages often claim benefit’s as a single mother.” This increase the amount of fraudulent claims made to the Department of Public Welfare Services.

Also according to an analysis of Ghana Demographic and Health Service, polygamous marriage are linked to a higher child mortality rate, than children born from monogamous marriages. From the GDHS evidence of the 4,938 children 75% were born from monogamous marriages a 25% from polygamous marriages. In an anonymous readers response to “is polygamy an option”...

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