Marriage and Revenge Cost Medea

Topics: Marriage, Medea, Jason Pages: 2 (749 words) Published: March 1, 2006
Medea from Euripides' Medea is the main character. She is the Princess of Colchis and a sorceress. She was married to Jason until he decided to leave her for another woman. Jason and Medea had two sons. As the play progresses, Medea's character comes to life.

The physical characteristics that Euripides identifies of Medea are limited. She was a female that was beginning to age. Her complexion was pale and her eyes were swollen from crying. She was a princess and sorceress which represents a woman as tender and fierce. Medea was very sad in the play and was mentally depressed.

Medea was in Corinth with Jason because of her love for him. She betrayed her father and killed her brother in order to be with Jason. She was no longer welcomed in her own country. Medea had been living with Jason in Corinth for ten years. They had been living very modestly. Their marriage was an ideal marriage and they were both devoted parents to their sons. Medea was always faithful to Jason. Medea received word that Jason intended to marry the daughter of the king of Corinth and everything changed for Medea. Medea became the ex-wife whose husband left her for a more attractive woman. Medea is pitied by many and received sympathy from society. Medea was honest about her feelings for Jason. Medea was very jealous of Jason's new bride-to-be and was determined that Jason would not be happy with another woman. This relates to the sexual tensions between ex-wives and ex-husbands. Medea was very religious. She was polytheistic, worshipper of many gods. She was also a sorcerer. She prayed to the gods about Jason breaking his vows to her and what she should do in order to correct the wrong brought to her by Jason.

Medea was courageous, single-mindedness, and quick to take action. She was a woman who took action against anyone who bothered her, then she would get even. Medea desired to love and be loved. She wanted to be a mother to her children and a wife...

Bibliography: "Medea"
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