Marriage and Rocky

Topics: Marriage, Blog, Change Pages: 2 (281 words) Published: August 11, 2013
RICKY: If I’m not wrong, you are ROCKY.

ROCKY: Are you Ricky ?


ROCKY: What a pleasant surprise! How are you man ?

RICKY: I’m fine and very happy to see you after such a long time.

ROCKY: I must say, you’ve changed a lot buddy.

RICKY: That was the childhood, and now we’ve grown up. So, the change is natural dear. You have changed a bit also friend.

ROCKY: As the time progresses, changes are bound to come.

RICKY: Yes, you are absolutely right Rocky.

ROCKY: How is everyone in the family ?

RICKY: Everyone is fine and enjoying. What about your family ?

ROCKY: Everyone is fantastic.

RICKY: Great!

ROCKY: What are you doing these days ?

RICKY: I’ve my own consultancy office.

ROCKY: Nice!

RICKY: What are you doing man ?

ROCKY: I’m Professional Blogger.

RICKY: So, you like to write blogs, but what do you blog about ?

ROCKY: I like to blog about; Politics, Religion, Society, English etc.

RICKY: Great man! Where can I find you on internet ?

ROCKY: You can find me here:

RICKY: When are you planning to get married Rocky ?

ROCKY: That work is still under construction, LOL! What about your marriage ?

RICKY: I’m going to marry in November this year.

ROCKY: Oh my God! Why are you going to punish yourself ?

RICKY: Very Funny Rocky! But, I’m very excited about my marriage, and you have to come man.

ROCKY: I’m just kidding, please excuse me. I’ll definitely come.

RICKY: Yes Rocky, I know my friend that you are just kidding. But, what are we doing here, let’s go and have some lovely food.

ROCKY: Good idea! Let’s move.
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