Marriage and Romans

Topics: Marriage, Roman Empire, Germanic peoples Pages: 3 (923 words) Published: April 27, 2005
Imperial Rome, during the first century A.D. was expanding it's boundaries by adding new territories. They expanded into northern Europe and Britain and conquered or attempted to conquer various types of people. Based on my reading of Tacitus' The Agricola and The Germania, I have knowledge of the life and customs of the Britons, subject of the Agricola, and the Germans, subject of the Germania. This of course being the Romans, and more specifically Tacitus,' observation and view of these groups of people.

The customs of the Britons differed from that of the Romans. Britain was the largest of the islands known to the Romans, who thought of Britons as barbarians. The physical characteristics of the Britons varied, suggesting that they mixed with the different peoples surrounding them, for example the Gauls. With whom they shared a common language and religious beliefs. Tacitus speaks of the Britons Military and fighting style. The Britons strength is in their infantry, and their weakness lies in their lack of cooperation. They fight as separate states instead of uniting as one against a common enemy, and therefore they are usually conquered.

The Romans thought that Britain was worth conquering because it yields gold, silver and other metals and pearls in the seas. The Britons were rather submissive following being conquered, in that they were obedient to the new leaders. Even so, they dreaded slavery and always put up a fight to prevent it. Unlike the Romans, the Britons didn't view women as inferior, but instead allowed them to hold very high ranks and offices in society, government, and the military.

The Britons didn't know how to appreciate peace because they were used to fighting. So the Romans enlightened them in that area, and educated them, and taught them the Latin language. They eventually dressed in the toga of the Romans and practiced their activities including arcades, baths and banquets. The Romans viewed the Britons as spiritless cowards...
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