Marriage and Smith Prof. Robert

Topics: Marriage, Camping, 2006 singles Pages: 2 (352 words) Published: October 16, 2013
John Smith
Prof. Robert
English 085
19 September 2013
Spooky Story
I woke up in the middle of the night to find you standing by my bed, shining your flashlight. It shone down on me, illuminating faces full of fear, both mine and yours. We clearly heard their voices downstairs. They had come for us and what was rightfully ours.

John, himself, had seen them yesterday, down by the river. She was creeping along with him wearing that black hat of hers to hide her stringy, long hair, while he hid his hideous face with a scarf. John saw a campsite of theirs, its campfire still smoldering. Suddenly, the phone rang and answered by itself saying “We came back for our revenge”.

After a while everything got quite even though dogs stopped barking. She held John hand tightly and they sat down on the floor for few minutes. They didn’t speak and moved for a while. John went downstairs and checked all the rooms and there was nobody. Suddenly, John heard her screamed and ran upstairs like a bullet and what he saw a dead body on the floor and that was his wife.

It was witching hour on a dark moonless night. He was holding his wife body in his arms, kissing and crying. Suddenly, he heard their voices downstairs again. He stopped crying for a moment. He didn’t know that was his last day of his life. The phone rang once again and answered itself saying” remembered Oct 4th at 2 am”. John knew that day and time very well because he accidentally murdered a married couple on this day. He and his wife were coming from a party; john was drunk and hit them down by the river exactly where john saw a campsite of theirs.

John ran outside to the forest and while he was running his right foot got injured and he felt down on the floor. He tried to run but destiny was not with him on that day. They got him and killed him where he killed them. Today people still don’t know where his grave.
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