Marriage and Story

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Written Assignment 4
Sophie Ehrhardt
by Polly Clark

„Reconciliation“ is a short story and is written by Polly Clark. The story takes place in an office. The main character of the story is a woman, her name is Laura, and she is also the narrator of the story. Basically is the story about the fear of loosing someone, changes of persons and a marriage and a relationship after many years.

It is difficult to find out how old the narrator of the story is. But because of the fact that she is married for a long time, in the text she said, “We began our relationship half my life ago.“, I would say she probably is in her midlife maybe a bit younger. The fact that the main character is also the narrator makes it easier to see the proceedings form her angle and we are able to know how she thinks and feels - even when she doesn’t know it herself. The reader of this story receives an impression of a completely normal person when it comes to her appearance. But when the reader gets deeper into the story and sees how she thinks about things and the way of handling things, makes her look like she has some smaller mental issues.

This can be caused because she is loosing her husband, his name is Vernon, she also calls him Mr. Pringle, whom she wants to stay with and stood with for many years. For months she and her husband have not spoken that much to each other. In the text she says: “We regard each other over months of frozen silence.“ You can easily notice that she is afflicted with the silence between Vernon, her husband, and her. She mentions it with following sentence: “We began our relationship in a bar, and those were our best times, telling each other the truth of our lives in the warm light. I might be defective in every other way, defective enough to mean that I must be divorced, defective enough to mean that silence is actually my lot, but it doesn't mean it comes naturally to me. News and questions bubble up in my throat, but I...
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