Marriage and Wedding

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All of the people in this world want to get married and have their on memories in the wedding ceremony. They will have the ceremony by their own ritual. The ritual is always by their parents. For the Malaysian, there are three races that are Malay, Chinese and Indian. In every race in Malaysia, they will have their own traditional rituals to the wedding process. For Malay, the groom’s family will go to the bride’s house for the ‘adat merisik’ or called as spying custom for arranging marriages. Then, if the groom’s family get the agreement by the bride’s family, the adat ‘bertunang’ (engagement custom) will be held at the bride's home in a date that has been chosen by the two families. After that, a Malay wedding proper begins with the ‘akad nikah’ (marriage contract) ceremony. And for the Chinese, the process begins with the proposal, an elaborate marriage proposal and acceptance. If successful, both families will proceed to the next step which is to obtain the date and hour of the girl's birth, which is subsequently recorded on a formal document. If both are pleased with the outcome of the meeting, they would proceed to the betrothal and then, the wedding. Most Indian marriages are arranged, some couples have love marriages. The true Indian wedding is about two families getting wedded socially with much less emphasis on the individuals involvedAll of the three races have the difference programs in the wedding day. For Malay wedding, it starts with khatam al-Quran ceremony. Then, the ‘berinai’ ceremony, which is the dyeing with henna of the hands, and the feet of the bride. The next day, the Malay wedding begins with the "akad nikah" ceremony. The wedding for the Chinese is start with The "Hair Dressing" Ritual for the bride on the night before and the "Capping" Ritual for the groom. After that, the event continues with the procession from the groom's house to obtain the bride. Next, the bride journeys to the groom's house. After all the ritual is complete, the...
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