marriage and what it is it good for

Topics: Marriage, Divorce, Higher education Pages: 2 (395 words) Published: September 16, 2014
I chose the article Marriage and what it is good for, written by Lacombe, and Belinda it was written as a report in 2010. The anther discuses factors such as age, higher education, and offspring born out of wedlock. It relay got in to how much the change in the marriage in the past 1 to 2 generations. I have done sum research of my own to complement the article. As the article tells you that in 2008 forty-one present of children were born out of wedlock (to unmarried mothers). It was reported by the penny starr on on march 21, 2013 “forty-eight present of first births are by unwed mothers, and by the age of thirty two-thirds of American women have had a child out of wedlock.” Starting to look at the percentage of children out of wed lock the percentage rises. In the same report Kay Hymowitz, author of the report and William E. Simon from the Manhattan institute Sayed “this report reflects on how the view of what marriage is abought has changed. It includes that young adults who say marriage and children are two sprite things.” Sum of the reasons that the percentage of marriage going down is due to men not being able to find stable jobs to provide for a family thus choosing not to get married creating “delayed marriage”. Now the good news on this subject is that women can find successful jobs or careers which helps lower the stigma of divorce, also this is helping lower the rate of later marriages. The time article goes in to divorce and the difference of marriage with and without a college education. The gain and ease for the wealthy educated person can have a job/career that has possibility of working at home in the case that a child is sick or lingered where as an adult with a lower income not as much education needed job would not get the same opportunity. This in witch can Easley throw a wrench in the married couple that could result in divorce. The divorce rate of the couples with the education has plated but yes the statistic shoes that the...
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