Marriage and Wonder Delight Adultery

Topics: Marriage, Human sexuality, Sexual intercourse Pages: 2 (885 words) Published: October 24, 2013

Adultery: A Wonder Delight
Adultery is the act of sexual intimacy between a married person and someone who is not that person’s wife or husband. Adultery is the act of gratification with another that is not your loving spouse. Brady marries Belinda and are a happy couple. Brady travels and meets a woman who he finds attractive. Sleeps with her and yet his wife is home and has no idea. Adultery in the eyes of God is a sin, he just broke a commandment. Yet, people commit the act for a number of reasons. Having voluntary sexual intercourse between a married man and someone other than his wife is the act of adultery. It can be vice versa with the wife committing adultery. It doesn’t always have to be the man who is the one committing the act. It all begins with the simple thought of performing the act. Many reasons are given for why one commits the act. It may be that one doesn’t listen to the other. Brady may feel that he is missing something in his marriage. Belinda may want just that simple hug or words of love spoken. To be caressed and touched with every touch saying, “I Love You.” To have sparks ignite where embers once were just lite pieces of coal. One may perform adultery for the sexual gratification of getting out there what is not given at home. It may be done just to see if they can get away with it. Some people commit adultery for the emotional feeling of what they can’t have at home. You can be a lawyer and millions of dollars and still be one who performs the act. This word brings raised eyebrows and hush tones in a conversation. Yet, what one is lacking in a spouse is found in what is known as a side line fling. Having an affair may result in just wanting that feeling of love for that moment. Having someone who will listen and sympathize with you while explaining what is wrong in the marriage. A woman may look for emotional support and words of love while a man at times want sexual gratification. Having sex with someone may bring an excitement...

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