Marriage & Divorce

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Marriage & Divorce

Marriages are known to be a lifetime commitment towards love & caring among

people. However most marriages these days seem to be failing due to the increasing

number of problems with the modern world. When these marriages end, the effects can

be devastating.

Why do people get married? Well it is a known tradition in humanity that a

woman and man will come together and live their lives as one. The most important

element that seems to have disappeared is love. Not just any love, but true, deep feeling

love. To keep a relationship clear, the love itself should be clear, not artificially placed. If

there is no well defined understanding of love, then is should obviously not be a

marriage. In some traditions, they have what is known as an arranged marriage. This is

the process where love is somewhat "forced" to exist between 2 people.

The usual process goes like this: two people meet, find out if they are compatible

or not, then engage themselves for marriage. This is a typical procedure but why should

they rush into it if they are not aware of the affects that would arise if the marriage were

to break apart? The causes of failing marriages can range from a small dispute over a $10

credit card bill to a serious case of adultery.

Sometimes everything could be on the right track until someone has to cause a

slight problem. These problems accumulate and can make a disaster of what was

supposed to be a lifetime commitment. A husband's hormones may have been a little too

active with his secretary at work, that one night at the office, he has sex with her. A wife

can equally commit this form of adultery. Adultery is one of the most popular reasons for

most divorces to occur, and it usually has the worst outcome as well. These include

physical and verbal fights, splitting of family including children, law suites, and much


Financial problems can also end a good marriage. This cause leads to fights on

spending too much money, making a bad investment, and purchasing useless things.

Being stingy can also be another bad reason. No matter what the reason is, the causes of

failing marriages & divorces are practically endless, and so are the effects. It's amazing

on how little effort the effects need to destroy what is supposed to be "lifetime


There are several other reasons why marriages end; yet the most devastating are

the unexpected problems such as health deterioration. Several families have a sick parent

that could be dying. In this case the parent that is not ill should be courteous and take care

of their partner in love, but modern days give women to be their own spirit that would

rather get a new life than stay with a husband that will sooner or later die. People these

days are very selfish and they would rather continue their life without depression. Health

deterioration can occur at a young age, and that usually hurts more.

Physical illness is pretty bad as well. If a man is impotent or a woman infertile,

this means that cannot conceive a child. Some people believe that the main reason for

marriage is to have children, and if there is no potential of having children, then why

should they stay together?

Some effects of failing marriages are among the splitting couple, but the worst bit

is the children. Children suffer the most especially when they are young because they are

being pulled left and right by parents. The love they get is coming from two different

directions, and the kids may end up getting into heavy drugs, prostitution, and gangs. To

some people marriages could be better if they are over. Regardless of age, race, sex or

religion, divorce has devastating, often long-term, consequences. The immediate effects

of divorce, such as hurt, anger and confusion, are evident in both children and adults. The...

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