Marriage Essay

Topics: Marriage, Kinship, Family Pages: 1 (143 words) Published: December 6, 2014
English Essay
‘In literature, marriage is overwhelmingly shown to be an unequal relationship.’ In the light of this view, discuss the ways in which the writer’s portray attitudes towards courtship and marriage.

Mention obligation- J+ F
two sub-plots J vs L
idea of marriage is completely juxtaposes
Focus- Lydia
1-limited choice- business transaction (money)
2- Criteria of husband bc of reading- link to sentimental education -marry against blessing of next of kin
-time is limited (mrs Malaprop)
-Lydia wants to be rebellious against conventions of society ESPECIALLY marriage-> eg. Wants to marry someone who is poor AND ‘I hate licences’ AND books (romantic expectations) 3-comparison rivals vs. wob

-view of marriage
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