Marriage Guidelines - How to Arrange Marriage in India

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Marriage through Matrimony Site / Newspaper Advt in India ? --- say -- Never. Why ?

In and around Kolkata 70% of the marriages arranged through newspaper advt, are facing break down within 1 year. Wife lodges criminal cases under 498A. Police arrest the entire family of husband. Finally compromise is done for Rs 10 to 25 lakhs for withdrawing the case. If the marriage is not properly matched the entire family is affected. Many people are victim.

If you are an unfortunate husband or his family member (like me), you will suffer the following cases by the wife.

1. Section 498A of the IPC (arrest of entire husband-family, without bail) 2. Domestic Violence Act 2005 (against male in-laws with maintenance and residence) 3. Section 125 of Cr PC (endless maintenance)

4. Civil suit for divorce with maintenance. (All the 4 cases may go simultaneously.) 5. If divorced, wife will get half of your property (besides monthly maintenance and separate residence). Therefore follow the following suggestion.


1. Avoid arranging marriage through Matrimony Site/ Newspaper advt, because a marriage without negotiation by responsible third party is risky.

2. Avoid arranging marriage through marriage negotiation agency / bureau, because they do not take any responsibility (third party) of post-marital adjustment or problems.

3. Marriage with unknown family, without social link is dangerously risky.

4. Prefer arranging marriage through traditional matchmaker (ghatok). He is responsible to both the parties. His role is crucial in adjusting two families.

5. Marriage within your distant relatives or wellknown family is less risky. Because, other relatives will take responsibility in time of problem/ crisis.

6. Both groom and bride should be same political party. It is more important than caste. Arrange it only through responsible Third Party (ghatok).

I am not against women. They also suffer a lot. So think about the...
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