Marriage in America

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Marriage in America
Lonelle Rathje

Marriage in America
Studies show that the numbers of marriages in America fell more than 5% during the recession therefore, making the marriage rate hit an all time low. Our culture has had to adapt to the economic downfall and, unfortunately, effecting one of the most important pillars of America’s stability. There are many conclusions as to why marriages are dissolving or not even happening, but one of the major factors has been the change in our culture. Marriage has many benefits that are both personal and good for our society. Currently, our culture appears to oppose marriage and believes that living together is as good as a legal union. However, marriage is one of the strongest subcultures in America that is proven to increase the stability of the nation as well as its economy.

In the recent decades, cohabitation has become very common for young couples in the United States. Although most couples predict this would increase the stability of their later marriages, evidence to date shows the exact opposite. This decision has far- reaching consequences for later marriage, children and the health of the union. How does that make sense? Wouldn’t you want to “prescreen” your partner before marriage? Data suggests that couples who cohabit before marriage have less stable unions than couples who married without living together. Most couples who cohabit are less committed to the foundation of marriage, therefore, more willing to end a relationship that is displeasing and tend to experience lower-quality relationships. The benefits of marriage extend further than the specific individuals that are in the direct relationship. These benefits outstretch the health within the home it develops successful, healthy and confident working individuals that work to our economy’s prosperity! Marriage helps create an economic wellbeing for both individuals for the some of the same...

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