Marriage in Jane Austen’s View

Topics: Jane Austen, Marriage Pages: 1 (402 words) Published: April 20, 2011
Marriage in Jane Austen’s View
I know Jane ever had a romantic but not perfect love experience . And the experience in her own life echos her novels’ themes. We can find the epitome of Jane ’s own life ,her hope to love and her own attitude toward marriage from Pride And Prejudice. In Jane’s view , love and marriage should be based on sense and love. She thinks married with a person should have a serious consideration, not a sudden impulse. One should married with a person who he or she love and they live together harmonious. In this novel Jane described two unfortunate marriages. One is Charlotte and Mr. Collins. Their marriage is based on money. Charlotte is a 27-year-old girl who has no money and no prospects. She thinks Mr.Collins can offered a comfortable home and protection so she married with him. But their life has no romance. Before they get married, Mr. Collins has proposed to Elizabeth, but be rejected. Because Elizabeth wants to married with someone she love rather than money. Jane thinks the prerequisite of marriage is that they should love each other. The other one is Lydia and Wickham. Their marriage is based on a sudden impulse. Lydia is an extremely frivolous girl, she loves Wickham because of his good apprance. But Wickham is really a bad man ,he eloped with Lydia that ruined her and all her sisters. Comparing with them, the love of Elizabeth and Mr.Darcy is elevater. And the marriage of Jane and Mr. Bingley is also based on love., this is really perfect marriage. Although they got together also considered apprance and property, they pay more attention to each other’s nature and virtue. I think they can live happily. Combining Jane’s love experience and this novel, Jane thought money and status is the chain and matchmaker of marrige. If the lovers both have a lot money and high status, they can get together easily. But if they have great differences they can hardly get together. Like Jane, she loved Tom Lefroy who...
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