Marriage in Japan

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A traditional Japanese wedding ceremony is very extravagant and very enjoyable. For the weddings they prefer special seasons. So it's the case that they like spring and autumn. There are also certain days in which a couple gets married. This is because certain days are considered to be the most auspicious in their almanac. In a Japanese shrine they may be up to forty couples at the Shinto shrine.

A Shinto wedding ceremony is always performed before a Shinto sanctuary. In Japan many hotels and restaurants are equipped with rooms to perform wedding ceremonies. Of course members of both families, their close relatives, and the in betweens attend a wedding.

The ceremony "San-san-kuto" which is a ceremony of three-times-three with the exchange of nuptial cups, which are preformed by the bridegroom and bride. Then comes the drink of "Sake" which is exchanged between members and close relatives of both families to signify their union through the wedding.

The wedding is accompanied by the traditional music and the "Miko" maidens who serve the "Sake" in red and white dresses. The exchange of rings is a popular tradition in Japan as well. The bridegroom and bride proceed to the sanctuary to offer twigs of "Sakaki" sacred tree in worship to gods to end the main part of the wedding ceremony. Once both families agree in marriage both families meet at dinner on a special day. Then engagement gifts are exchanged. The main gift for a bride is an "obi" that represents female virtue. A "hakama" skirt is given to the groom to be which represents fidelity

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