Marriage in Pakistan

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Marriage in Pakistan
Pakistan is a place of thousands of cultured faces, when there is a wedding its full of its traditions and influenced by foreign customs. When you know there is Pakistani wedding be ready to participate with passion and enthusiasm. There are several steps among Muslim wedding, and they include mangni , mayoo, mehndi, nikah, and valima.

Mangni is a formal ceremony to mark the couple of the engagement. This event usually takes place at home and not a lot of people are invited, the couple is usually surrounded by their parents and close relative. It’s also a way for the groom to ask permission from the bride’s parents for her hand in marriage. So at that time rings are exchanged but the groom does not put the ring on his soon to be wife, instead the grooms mother or sister places the ring on the brides figure. Since Pakistan is also becoming so modest you will most likely see the groom and bride exchanging rings them self.

Mayoo happens mostly in the house of the bride. Family and friends all gather and dance and sing to drum music, the bride is showered in gifts depending on what the family can afford. So as the day turns to night the bride’s hands and feet are decorated in henna. The bride usually wears a yellow color and wears traditional clothes called salwar qameez. Also the bride will be covered in ubtan which a paste is made of turmic also known as sandalwood powder and oil. This helps by bringing a glow to the bridal skin. Mayoo has reduced over the years because if a girl is under mayoo it means she has to be isolated for about 8 days before marriage. This means that she can’t go out of her house to meet anyone, but in modern era women are working now which makes it hard for them to be under a manyoo.

The dholki party which is named after south Asian word dholak meaning drums .Dholki is another ceremony that happens after the manyoo. The dholki is an event full of fun and stress free for the bridal, friends and family gather...
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