Marriage in the 21st century

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Marriage is the 21st century
There is a new standard for U.S. marriage contracts after official records have been lost. The new contract is generating some controversy because marital contracts will now be regulated on a federal level. Previously each state had a say in who and how people were to get married. Now each state will follow the same rules set for them by the government.

First general rule is you must be at least 18 years old to get married. The marriage license costs $25 and will only be accepted in cash. Couples have to be residents of the U.S. and have at least one witness over 18 present. The most controversial part of this new contract is that same sex couples can now get married in any state. This is sure to get some people fired up but it might be a good thing that the government is stepping up and creating a new national norm now where same sex couples can get married.

There is also another new wrinkle in the contract that states if you get divorced you must wait at least a year to get married again. Perhaps this is a way a sending a message to the youth who now see divorces and remarriages as a common thing. Divorce was frowned upon years ago, and now it has almost become normal for

couples to get divorced. Maybe this new law will make couples think a little harder before they commit to getting married.
Before getting married both partners need to take a blood test. Due to the rise in HIV and AIDS, it is now required that parties applying for a marital license must be offered an HIV test and/or must be provided with information on AIDS and tests available.

The marital ceremony must be conducted by a priest, rabbi, or judge and have one witness to sign the contract. A recording of the marital ceremony is necessary and is to be sent to the county or state agency that keeps files of marital documents. Marriages will now only be allowed to take place in churches and government appointed buildings.

For the most part outside...
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