Marriage Interview

Topics: Marriage, Argumentative, Wake County, North Carolina Pages: 4 (1068 words) Published: July 27, 2013
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Marriage Interview

In this assignment, I wanted a couple that had never experienced divorce, violence, and had unconditional love. I chose to interview my boyfriend’s parents, Mr. Bob and Mrs. Donna Portman. Mrs. Donna Portman is female, fifty-four years old and grew up in Garner, North Carolina. She has also spent up to twenty years working in the medical field, being a nurse and she still continues to work at Wake Med Hospital in Raleigh. Mr. Bob Portman is male, fifty-six years old, and is a computer technician. They have four children, Kent, Stephanie, Taylor and Brinkley. Kent, the oldest brother, is twenty-seven, a bartender at the Carolina Ale House in Wake Forest. Stephanie, the second oldest, is twenty-three, and is married with two kids. Taylor, the middle child, is twenty-two, is currently working as a server at the Carolina Ale House in Cary and will be attending Wake Tech in the fall. Brinkley, the youngest, is fourteen, and is currently going to Heritage High School. The two parents are a traditional couple because they both share a basic belief system and philosophy of life.

Some similarities between the two include that they both grew up in the same state and went to the same colleges; differences include: Mrs. Donna has just one sister and grew up on a farm and Mr. Bob has two sisters and grew up in the city. The things that they like to do together are going out to dinner, visiting their cabin in Boone, North Carolina, and spending as much time as they can with family. Rabby 2

The concept interdependency is illustrated by the two having very similar likings and having pretty much all the same friends. They are kind of dependent upon one another because they like being with each other a lot. Mrs. Donna normally handles the day-to-day household activities like shopping, cooking, and...
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