Marriage Is a Private Affair

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Marriage is a private affair
First thoughts:
What are some similarities and differences between your generation’s attitude toward love and marriage and those of the generation before you? How would you compare the attitudes you have written down with the attitudes in the story? -differences between marriage today and in the past is that marriage really important back then, now marriage isn’t as highly prioritized to maintain. Similarities are that, marriage is still two people committing to each other. The attitudes in the story are hostile, sad and simple minded, while the attitudes I have written down are the same. Sharing Interpretations:

What is the irony of the stories tittle?
The tittle states marriage is a private affair, whereas in the story it seems everybody knows about Nene and Naemeka's marriage. This story burst with conflict. What are at least two of these conflicts? Does the story resolve them? If so how? The father does not support the decision of who his son is marrying. The wife is from a different background and tribe. The story resolves the conflicts; the father cannot turn against his two grandchildren. How would you describe okekes character?

He is custom and only follows traditional ways. He doesn’t like the idea of his son marrying an outsider. What might the rain at the end of the story symbolize?
All the anger against okekes son’s decision being washed away. What is this stories theme?
Whose point of view of going home and marriage is private affair are the stories being told in? Third person.
Extending the text:
People have different views and beliefs and some of those go against other views and beliefs.
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