Marriage Is a Private Affair

Topics: Marriage, Family, Adultery Pages: 2 (475 words) Published: May 26, 2013
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It is a story of love between nnaemeka and nene who initially fall victims to social tabbo os but ultimately overcome them. Nnaemeka belongs to the ibo tribe whereas nene from the story th writer deals wih the concept of inter-cultural marriages which are of great importance in the modern times.the story is set in the colonial times,where prejudices and superstitions prevail in the society.

For nene and nnaemeka marriage is purely a personal and private affair nd it should not be impacted by external forces.the elders with their traditional values and beliefs should nt interfere wid the marriage of young ones.they want to marry nut nnaemeka’s father okeke opposes the marriage on the ground that nen belongs to a different community.when nnaemeka tries to explain that nene ia an accomplishad girl nd a teacher,he strongly opposes the marriage. He even critics those preachers who speak in favour of girls taking up teaching profession.all his mildness disappears when he learns that nene was frm calabar.okeke is an ibo,and,therefore cannot agree to his son marrying in a different tribe.a marriage to nnaemeka nd nene is a private affair but to his father it isnot a private affair but an institution guarded by the community against whose wishes no one could dare to go. When nnaemekafails to persuade his father to give his consent to their marriage, he revolts against his father and marries nene. His father sends a letter in which he gives vent to his anger and snds back the wedding picture of his son wid wife in a mutilated form.he expresses his resolve that he has nothing to do with him or his wife or enen his life.they feel really disappointed but nnaemeke consoles his wife by saying that everything will be all right in due course oftime.he hinks that his father will realize one day dat marriage is purely a the couple keeps patience and hopes that one day a change will come in the attitude...
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