Marriage Partners

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Question 2
Some people say that marriages should be arranged by intermediariest. Other say that young people should be free to choose their marriage partners. Which viewpoint do you agree with? Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer

I agree with the point of view that says young people should be free to choose their marriage partners. The reason why I agree with that point of view is a couple does not have to be arranged by an intermediary, intermediaries usually only helps someone who wants to have a marriage partner get a partner. Having succeeded in uniting an intermediary partner, then the intermediary is no need to arrange anything again with the couples that are reunited, maybe if there is a problem with the couple, then the intermediary can help to solve the problem in the couple. When someone feels like to have someone that he/she loved, he/she will do anything to make the person he/she loves happy. He/she does not care about anything that will happen as long as he could be with someone he/she loved. He will always be with those they love, both good times and bad. That's called love.

Love can not be forced, someone would be faithful to those he/she loves, when he/she was forced to love someone else, then he/she can not love with all your heart, and somehow he/she could not faithful to people who are not loved, so it's only going to hurt them . If a couple will get married, they should love each other, and both should be ready in terms of physical, spiritual, and material. Thirdly it is a determining factor of a couple will succeed in domestic life, but that is primarily spiritual. Since the spiritual is a determinant of a husband and wife will be faithful to one another. So, every person has the freedom to choose someone who will be a partner to live a life.
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