Marriage Traditions

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Marriage Traditions
Sabrina Rivera
Anthropology 101
kidney Ford
August 23, 2010

Marriage Traditions

Many cultures have different views and beliefs on marriage. Marriage symbolizes a union between two individuals that are in love and want to commit to spending the rest of their lives with each other. In some cultures wedding traditions consist of wearing certain ceremonial clothing, jewelry and reciting particular vows. Although every culture is diverse, marriage is a universal symbol of two strong unions combined to make one.

Wedding traditions go back about as far as early civilization records and vary by culture. One thing that was common in early civilizations was marriages between men and women only. Same sex marriages or even relationships were forbidden and extreme consequences such as stoned and killed were in order. Many centuries ago if an individual were to disobey and rebel against their culture, they would be made an example of and be killed. Today’s society is culturally diverse and in America everyone has a right to live their life the way they want. Whether it is opposite or same sex relationships/marriage, in America everyone has a choice.

In ancient Rome, a girl was considered ready for marriage at the age of 14. The girl’s father would choose a husband and make all of the arrangements. There was no such thing as marrying for love. In some cases couples would have to learn to love each other after they were married. A ring on the fourth finger on a girl’s left hand symbolizes engagement. The reason for the specific finger was determined by “vena amoris” or vein of love. The fourth finger was chosen because a vein connected to the heart leads to the fourth finger. This is a very interesting fact that not many people are aware of in today’s society. A traditional marriage in ancient Rome was the bride dressed in white that symbolized purity, wearing a veil and accompanied by a bridesmaid....

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