Marriage with and Without Children

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Marriage satisfaction with and without kids
Does Marriage satisfaction lessen when couples have children? Is it better to live a life without having children? In many studies done at different universities they have come to the conclusion that having children lessens marriage satisfaction. I decided to put this to test; I interviewed two families one with children and one without and discussed the satisfaction of these couples marriages on subjects, time, finances, and intimacy.

First, time is important in every marriage but do you have enough of it when you have children? The couple without children said they were about to spend a lot of time doing the things they loved such as hiking and boating with other couples and family. They had all the time needed to get tasks done and to have to relax when needed. The couple with children; who have children ranging from elementary to high school said that most to all of their time was spent either at work, church, or taking care of their children. They didn’t have much time to relax or to spend time alone together. In the essence of time, the couple with no children were able to spend more time together and had plenty of it to get what they needed done. Whereas the couple with children seemed to always be pushed for time, they never had enough to get asks done and even with good time management they were not able to spend adequate time with their hobbies or together like they had wanted too.

Second, money and finances, both couples had problems with money as money comes and goes as it pleases and there is never enough to go around but the couple without children were about to spend more money on unnecessary things and dates. The couple with children spent much of their money on their kids activity’s and seemed to constantly be stressed about money and making things work out finically. Also with the couple with children they had far more random expenses come up, from kids having health problems such as broken...
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