Marriages in Asia

Topics: Wedding, Marriage, Cosmetics Pages: 5 (1957 words) Published: April 4, 2013
A marriage is an eternal union between a man and a woman that symbolizes a new beginning. As far as history dictates, marriages in Pakistan have been ruled by arranged marriages and marriages within families. As time progressed and culture evolved, love marriages and marriages outside the families started over taking the previously dominant culture. Our research talks about the different aspects of a generic Pakistani marriages such as, the brides makeup, wedding photography, bridal jewellery, wedding enterances and match-making.

The winds of change for bridal makeup have drifted from excessive coating of makeup to subtle glowing makeup. Different pioneers in the field have somewhat similar opinions on the subject matter. According to Rana Khan of rana khan studion, “very natural and glowing bridal makeup is in these days. The hair and makeup is not exatterated and the foundation used is very similar to the brides skintone. Stylist Bina Khan says, “modern bride wants to look natural and todays fashion calls for classic makeup with the soft touch.” New age bridal makeups main focus is on beautifictaion of the eyes, such as dark dramatic looks. The degree of makeup mostly depends on the individual preference and the brides skin. Stylist Huma Tahir oh Huma and Zara’s salon says, “bridal makeup is suppose to be glamorous-all the cameras and attention is focused on the bride afterall.” Most makeup artists out there would agree that brides possess their own style and do not try to copy other fashions, it shows through their persona. The ones famous trend of matching makeup with clothes has transformed into a matter of looking good rather than wearing colors that do not suit a bride, according to Rana Khan. Leading skin specialists claim that it is important for a woman to take care of her skin on a regular basis because good makeup depends on the condition of the skin. The essence of makeup is looking good and that can only be done if one is properly groomed overall, which includes taking care of the skin, the body and personality. (The Express Tribune, Here comes the bride-2010)

Capturing bliss moments of one’s life, photographs are a way for us to re-live the emotions we felt in those moments. According to a testimonial by Hareem, a wife “wedding portaits must give a mutual feeling of affection between couples, but some couples act out in a manner which seems cheap.” Photographer Kohi Marri “it is a difficult to say what couples look for in bridal photography. Its subjective and so different for everyone. Simply put, it is a few memorable portaits for their family and themselves and the key moments of the events, location in certain people.” Trends in wedding photography have not particularly changed over the last few years. Mood photography is still not widespread as basic photography. Wedding photography, anywhere, is a field with only a few professionals and few clients. When couples ask for something unique, they themselves are not fully aware of what they might receive. Wedding photography has yet to bloom as a profession and those on this path have yet to plant firm roots. However, photographer Ali Khurshid claims that,”couples want a national look to their wedding portrait and most of them don’t want poses with artificial backgrounds, there has been a move from portraits to mood photography since couples are inspired by morvies.” Amin J says,”clients comment on how cheesy and posed wedding portarits generally look, they come to me for my simple, natural expressions and spontainity while capturing happy moments on their special day.” When asked if change in trends also lead to outlandish requests, Kohi Marri says, “the only thing I can think of is when people want to be in the spotlight for a week or even a month.” Amin J says,”some couples really want to have fun at the shoot, they jump in the air and do all sorts of fun things. Such...
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