Marriages in Rural Areas of Punjab

Topics: Marriage, Family, Arranged marriage Pages: 3 (1127 words) Published: September 7, 2013

The Marriage system of rural Punjab even though similar to existing system of Hindu marriage in India has a unique traditional difference. These are the excerpts of some families which I have interviewed and realized the underlying beauty in their system with its efforts to retain their clanship as well as maintain an extended family without compromising and hurting the feelings of the newlyweds and their well being. To avoid disconnection and disapproval from their parents and tribe, arranged marriages have been practiced as the safest and practical means of marriage system during the time of the elders of the persons I have interviewed. But with modern civilization and the concept of nuclear family gaining more popularity, love marriages even though in existence in earlier times, has now been excepted more and more as an alternative system of marriage even though arranged marriage still prevails prominently. Having said this, marriage in whatever form it prevails in Punjab still carries a lot of exciting itinerary for both the families and friends. It marks the beginning of a celebration in one of the lengthiest family event. The rituals are so methodical and followed step by step with a rich psychological concept where the only wishes of the parents are for the well being and secure life for their children in wedlock. Questions are tentatively and carefully put with my limited Hindi so as not to offend the family and at the same time trying to extract as much information for the project, I started off by asking questions about their families, as in how many children do they have and if they were married, so I could ask them what sort of marriage they would prefer for their children; would they prefer to choose their children’s partners themselves or would they be satisfied with whoever their children would choose? Next I started with questions about the accepted marriage...
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